Staff & Leadership

Staff & Leadership

Rev. Kendra Van Houten
 grew up in a small community in Michigan. After serving two churches in youth ministry, and working with various Christian youth organizations, Pastor Kendra felt the call into ordained ministry. In 2010, when she completed her studies at New Brunswick Theological Seminary, FSRC called her to be the Minister.  In recent years, Pastor Kendra has served as president of the Kingston Area Council of Churches, Vice President and President of the Mid-Hudson Classis, and served as a member of the Health Alliance Foundation Board and on the Kingston Police Commission. 

Fair Streeters praise Pastor Kendra not only for her preaching but also that she readily shares kind and compassionate pastoral care with each member of the congregation.


Ellen Dockery, Office Manager at Fair Street is in the office Monday-Friday 9am-2pm.

You can reach her via email at 

Ellen enjoys books, crafts, and nature. She loves dining out and spending time with her feline companion called Lambchop. Ellen is an avid collector of many things including taxidermy and vintage globes.


Tina Meschi, Treasurer aside from her college days has lived in the Hudson Valley all of her life. She has worked for the Kingston Fire Department for the past fifteen years and currently serves as a lieutenant at the city’s downtown station. Bookkeeping is one of her favorite forms of stress relief and she works for several Ulster County churches doing just that. She is passionate about books (reading and hoarding them) and is always looking for new literary recommendations! Other than her rooms filled with books, Tina shares her house in West Park with her two furry kitty kids, Bagheera and Miss Rumphius. Tina and her better-half  Ernie, also a firefighter in Kingston love travelling to Vermont and New Hampshire where they hope someday to retire. Fair Street has become a peaceful, loving, and supportive space for Tina and she is so very grateful for everyone here!


Todd Levinson manages the all-volunteer team that runs Fairly New Thrift Shop. He started attending FSRC in 1975 and was confirmed in 1976. His life and career took me in many directions, but Todd returned in 2012 and started volunteering at the thrift shop, taking on the role of director in 2021. Not only does Todd, “…get to use my degree in business administration a lot!”, he is proud to direct a mission that touches many lives, locally and beyond. The thrift shop is able to do that because of great volunteers who help make that happen!
“Volunteering is in my nature. I spent seven years with the American Red Cross I (serving locally and nationally), and I also was a volunteer at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I also do work for the Last Prisoner Project, PETA, Amnesty International, and the Ulster County SPCA.”


Cathy Maletta has been the director of the Fair Street Nursery School since 1987. Over the years she has developed programming to meet the needs of young learners.


A Reformed Church in America congregation may be represented as a circle with the consistory, including the pastor, inside. The whole circle stands together under the wisdom and guidance of the Word of God. The same Word measures each and all of us. The Consistory at Fair Street provides leadership to the church and is made up of Elders, Deacons and Pastor. This group works together to lead the church. The Elders care for the Spiritual well-being of the people and the Deacons care for the physical well-being of the church.