Bible Project Reading: Week 51

Bible Project Reading: Week 51

Hi everyone, here’s the reading plan for this week, with day one being today, Friday, December 17.

This week we (almost) finish reading through the entire Bible!
Hey reading community,

You have made it to the end! Our reading schedule actually takes you just one day into Week 52. Next week there is a short day of reading along with a great blog post that should help you close the most amazing book you’ll ever read. However, this week we’ll focus on the majority of the apocalyptic work of Revelation.

The book of Revelation was written to seven churches as both an encouragement and a challenge. Though largely an unfamiliar style to modern readers, apocalyptic literature is not about secret codes and hidden timelines for the return of Jesus. Rather, it relies on visions, symbols, and Old Testament references to reveal the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis. It shows how every human kingdom eventually becomes the beast-like Babylon and must be resisted. Jesus, the slain lamb who died for the sins of the world, will return one day as King to prompt repentance. He will remove evil permanently and make all things new.

John’s visions reveal that Jesus has overcome evil by his death and resurrection and will return one day as the true King of the world. That promise should motivate every generation of God’s people to remain faithful in the midst of persecution until their King returns.


Day 1: Read Revelation 4-6, Psalm 41. Watch Apocalyptic Literature.
Day 2: Read Revelation 7-9, Psalm 42.
Day 3: Read Revelation 10-11, Psalm 43.
Day 4: Read Revelation 12-13, Psalm 44. Watch Revelation 12-22.
Day 5: Read Revelation 14-16, Psalm 45.
Day 6: Read Revelation 17-18, Psalm 46.
Day 7: Read Revelation 19-20, Psalm 47.
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