Bible Project Reading: Week 50

Bible Project Reading: Week 50

Hi folks, here’s this week’s reading plan with day one being Friday, December 10.

This week we finish 1 and 2 Peter, the letters of John, Jude, and start Revelation!
Hey reading community,

We’re so close to the end! This week concludes with the start of Revelation, the final book of the New Testament and the only apocalyptic book in this section of Scripture. This week we focus on letters from some of Jesus’ closest disciples during his life and ministry: Peter, John, and Judah.

We also have another guest post by Whitney Woollard. She’s going to help us see Peter’s second letter with more clarity. 2 Peter is a small book with a lot of passion. It feels intense, but that’s to be expected when the apostolic pillar of the early Church pens his last words. Peter knows he’s about to die, so he carefully crafts this farewell speech to the network of churches in Asia Minor (2 Peter 1:12-15). You won’t want to miss this blog post.


P.S. Dive deeper in our weekly blog post, The Delay of Jesus’ Return and the Crisis of Patience.

Day 1: Read 1 Peter 3-5, Psalm 34.
Day 2: Read 2 Peter 1-3, Psalm 35. Watch 2 Peter.
Day 3: Read 1 John 1-2, Psalm 36. Watch 1-3 John.
Day 4: Read 1 John 3-5, Psalm 37. Watch Agape/Love.
Day 5: Read 2 John 1, 3 John 1Psalm 38.
Day 6: Read Jude 1, Psalm 39. Watch Jude.
Day 7: Read Revelation 1-3, Psalm 40. Watch Revelation 1-11.
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