Bible Project Reading: Week 48

Bible Project Reading: Week 48

Hi folks, here’s the reading plan for the current week. Day 1 was Friday after Thanksgiving so we’re a few days behind.

This week we finish 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and start Hebrews!
Hey reading community,

We have just over a month before we will close the book of Revelation, successfully reading through the entire Bible in a year! Congratulate yourself; this is an amazing accomplishment. This week we read through the rest of Paul’s letters. Nearly all of the letters were written to early church fathers who Paul mentored and commissioned to lead churches he founded throughout his missionary journeys.

To help us understand one of these personal correspondences between Paul and an early church leader, we are joined by contributing writer Whitney Woollard. Whitney is a writer, speaker, Bible teacher, and former graduate student of Tim’s at Western Seminary. She holds her M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies.


P.S. Whitney Woollard helps us to see some of the backdrop of Paul’s letter to his disciple Titus in this week’s blog post, Titus: A Counter-Cultural Gospel for Cretans.

Day 1: Read 1 Timothy 3-4, Psalm 20. Watch Public Reading of Scripture.
Day 2: Read 1 Timothy 5-6, Psalm 21.
Day 3: Read 2 Timothy 1-4, Psalm 22. Watch 2 Timothy.
Day 4: Read Titus 1-3, Psalm 23. Watch Titus.
Day 5: Read Philemon 1, Psalm 24. Watch Philemon.
Day 6: Read Hebrews 1-2, Psalm 25. Watch Hebrews.
Day 7: Read Hebrews 3-4, Psalm 26.
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