This past month, we spent three weeks on a series on prayer. Why we pray and different ways to pray. Each week, we focused on a different word, based on Ann Lamott’s book Help, Thanks, Wow

I shared that I referred to several different books as well, and would share them here with you. Please know that if you would like to read them, let me know as they are available to share on loan.

The following are the books that I referenced and have found helpful in the thoughts about prayer, and then some actual prayer books that have helped to find a rhythm of prayer for me.

Again, remember … prayer is talking and listening to God, and as we were invited each week to pray, we followed the following rhythm

  • 30 seconds of Help prayers
  • 30 seconds of listening to God in quiet
  • 30 seconds of Thank you God prayers
  • 30 seconds of Wow prayers

Maybe consider adding an additional 10 seconds each week, or another 30 seconds of listening to God in between the thank you and wow prayers.

Here’s the books …

Praying you find a rhythm of prayer that works for you!

grace and peace be with you today and always,

Rev. Kendra

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