Bible Project Reading: Week 46

Bible Project Reading: Week 46

Hello Fairstreeters, here is the reading plan for the coming week with day one being today, Friday, November 12.

This week we dive into Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians!
Hey reading community,

The series of letters you will read this week offers further theological reflection from Paul on the Gospel and our role as the Church. Paul used these letters to draw church communities into a better and clearer understanding of the Gospel and what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Proper understanding of the Gospel through these letters should compel us to imitate Jesus in every area of our lives. Paul declares that even our suffering can bring us into a closer relationship with the risen Messiah.


P.S. If you’re looking for more, take a deep dive into the book of Ephesians with a five-part sermon series called “Ephesians Study” on Tim’s podcast, Exploring My Strange Bible.

Day 1: Read Galatians 3-4, Psalm 6.
Day 2: Read Galatians 5-6, Psalm 7.
Day 3: Read Ephesians 1-2, Psalm 8. Watch Ephesians.
Day 4: Read Ephesians 3-4, Psalm 9. Watch Shalom/Peace.
Day 5: Read Ephesians 5-6, Psalm 10.
Day 6: Read Philippians 1-2, Psalm 11. Watch Philippians.
Day 7: Read Philippians 3-4, Psalm 12. Watch Chara/Joy.
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