Bible Project Reading: Week 43!

Bible Project Reading: Week 43!

Hi all, here’s what’s up next on the reading plan with day one being today, Friday, October 22, 2021.

This week we finish Romans and start 1 Corinthians!
Hey reading community,

Romans is a big letter with a lot of theological meaning and complexity. We encourage you to watch (or rewatch) the videos and read carefully as you move through this book. Trying to summarize this book would do it a disservice because it is already a beautiful summary of the Gospel story. It starts all the way back in the garden and culminates in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

But if you’re as eager as we are to learn more, we have a guest writer to help us dig deeper into Romans. Patrick Shreiner is an Assistant Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and the Associate Dean at Western Seminary. This week he’ll help us break down the major movements in the book of Romans.

P.S. Dive deeper in this week’s blog post, Romans: Paul’s Magnum Opus.

Day 1: Read Romans 5-6, Psalm 135. Watch Romans 5-16.
Day 2: Read Romans 7-8, Psalm 136.
Day 3: Read Romans 9-10, Psalm 137.
Watch New Testament Letters: Historical Context.
Day 4: Read Romans 11-12, Psalm 138.
Watch New Testament Letters: Literary Context.
Day 5: Read Romans 13-14, Psalm 139.
Day 6: Read Romans 15-16, Psalm 140.
Day 7: Read 1 Corinthians 1-2, Psalm 141. Watch 1 Corinthians.
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