Bible Project Reading: Week 42

Bible Project Reading: Week 42

Hi all, here is this week’s reading plan with day one being today, Friday, October 15.

This week we finish Acts and dive into Romans!
Hey reading community,

With Paul leading the missionary charge, the fledgling Jesus movement exploded onto the world stage and swept across the Roman empire. The people of this movement were both Jew and Gentile (non-Jews), and this level of interaction between Jews and Gentiles was unprecedented in history. This led to a substantial amount of division within the early Church, and it prompted Paul to spend a great deal of time on the topic of unity, including in the book of Romans.

Paul’s letter to the Romans is his greatest work. It offers the fullest explanation of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. Its level of sophistication and insight into the Gospel is unmatched in any of his other letters. This makes sense when you consider it was written over 20 years after he was converted on the road to Damascus. He had a long time to reflect!


Day 1: Read Acts 19-20, Psalm 128.
Day 2: Read Acts 21-22, Psalm 129.
Watch Bound for Rome: Acts 21-28.
Day 3: Read Acts 23-24Psalm 130. Watch Yakhal/Hope.
Day 4: Read Acts 25-26, Psalm 131.
Day 5: Read Acts 27-28, Psalm 132.
Day 6: Read Romans 1-2, Psalm 133. Watch Romans 1-4.
Day 7: Read Romans 3-4, Psalm 134. Watch Grace.
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