Bible Project Reading: Week 41

Bible Project Reading: Week 41

Hi folks, here is the reading plan for the week, with Day 1 being today, Friday, October 8.

This week we dive into Acts 5-18!
Hey reading community,

This week we dive into the book of Acts, the epic narrative describing the start of the Church. It was written by Luke, a traveling companion of Paul and disciple of Jesus. As you might expect, this is not a standalone work but an extension of Luke’s Gospel.

Luke-Acts reads as one unified work, and both parts focus on the work of Jesus. This story looks at where Jesus picked up his work after going to the cross at the end of Luke. The risen Jesus, through the Spirit, is working in and through the lives of those who choose to follow him to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. We share more about the global spread of the Gospel in this week’s blog post.


P.S. How did a small Jewish movement end up taking the world by storm? In this week’s blog post, we explore the spread of the Gospel across the ancient world. Read more in Bringing the Gospel to the Greeks.

Day 1: Read Acts 5-6, Psalm 121. Watch Pentecost: Acts 1-7.
Day 2: Read Acts 7-8, Psalm 122. Watch The Apostle Paul: Acts 8-12.
Day 3: Read Acts 9-10, Psalm 123.
Day 4: Read Acts 11-12, Psalm 124.
Day 5: Read Acts 13-14, Psalm 125. Watch Acts 13-28.
Day 6: Read Acts 15-16, Psalm 126.
Watch Paul’s Missionary Journeys: Acts 13-20.
Day 7: Read Acts 17-18, Psalm 127.
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