another makeover complete!

another makeover complete!

This is a reflection on the work over the past few weeks that took place in my office at church! It is lengthier than planned, but I am still amazed at the transformation and hope that you enjoy it also! Again, a deep word of thanks to the Women’s Ministry, to Ann, Tim, and Ellen who helped with some of the heavy lifting and to help make this project possible and complete! Enjoy the story as it unfolds!

This past Sunday, marked eleven years when I first preached at Fair Street! I recall it being a lovely day of worship, followed by the congregational meeting. I remember leaving Kingston that day hoping I would be back … only to receive a phone call from Richard D. that my hope, along with the church’s hope would be moving forward together!

Fast forward a month or so, and I would soon be moving into a new apartment, and then settling in to my office. Unpacking the many boxes of books where the bookcase was vast and abundant was a special treat! (We pastor’s love our books!) I couldn’t believe the space provided! I remember my only two requests prior to arriving, for a variety of reasons, that the couch be removed, and that a window be put into the office door.

I don’t recall taking many pictures of the office, but here are few pictures of the office from about six years ago, as I was preparing to paint the first time:

Painting Round One – operation lighten up!

As you can see in the pictures above, there were two walls covered in dark paneling, and one wall with a deep yellow, and the wall behind the bookcase also painted in the same yellow. The desk was big and heavy, dark, with a larger than life office chair. With a few additional pieces of dark end tables, and golden yellow chairs, it was functional, and spacious and the white plush carpet helped brighten and lighten up the space.

Then about six years ago, while the sanctuary roof was undergoing some repairs, being recoated/sealed, it occurred to me that maybe it was time to brighten the space up. So I picked out some paint, and started to prime the walls and paint with a lovely bright, cheery color! Operation lighten up was underway and what a difference! (Full disclosure, it might not have been the exact color I was going for, but it definitely helped to brighten up the space!)

And! To add to the change and updates, a local businessman called the church and offered a desk and two file cabinets to the church, that were a perfect fit for the pastors office, and added to operation lighten up! Here are a few picture of this work and project. This time around did not include painting of the bookcase wall, and the bookshelves/doors.

Operation lighten up take 2!

Fast forward six years to 2021, the entire Education Building is now complete, the Offices, and the Sanctuary now carpeted. A few of us would look down at the carpet in my office, and began to see the seams coming up, and the stains (no matter how much I might have tried to shampoo the carpet). The idea for new carpeting was exciting, which then sent me to take a look out at Rosendale Floor Covering. With the carpet picked, it then made sense that Operation Lighten Up take 2 would take place, and the entire space would get a fresh coat of paint, which would now include all four walls, and the bookcase and cabinet doors!

With the carpet ordered and scheduled, the paint donated, it was time to get to work!

Here’s some before, during and after of the bookcase wall:

And then the before, during and after of the paint! With a special shout out of thanks to Ann K who helped paint, to Tim K who helped move the furniture out and to Ellen who helped de-spine some sorely outdated and obsolete books so the pages could be recycled.

And then there was carpet and a fresh coat of paint all around!

Then it was time for the chairs! These lovely golden yellow chairs are solid chairs and comfortable and easily moveable… just needed a little lift of color … so add a chair cover and you get the same chair, same comfort, just a new look!

The finished and complete look!

If you have made it this far in the reading, my gratitude for this transformation runs deep, and hope that you have enjoyed seeing the transformation take place in this space! It is my hope that you will be able to stop by sometime for a visit, see the office, the rest of the education building. It is my continued hope and prayer that this space be a safe space for conversations, a space to welcome, encourage, calm, and inspire as we look and move forward in ministry together.

As daunting and challenging these past several months have been, it continues to humble, amaze, and overwhelm me with the work that we have been able to complete, the ministry that has taken place, and the ministry and call we are living into as we move forward in extending our love of our neighbors in a while new way!

May the grace and peace of Christ with with you all, today and always!


Pastor Kendra

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