Bible Project Reading: Week 40

Bible Project Reading: Week 40

Here are the readings for week 40 (!), with Day One being today, Friday, October 1 (!):


This week we finish Luke and dive into Acts!

Hey reading community,

You have come to the end of Luke and the end of the Gospel accounts—or have you? We picked Luke to be read last because it’s actually the first half of the unified work called Luke-Acts.

Acts is an epic narrative that recounts the beginning of the Church. However, this week we focus on Luke’s account of Jesus’ ministry and the fateful events that led to Jesus’ execution. Luke is an intricate Gospel narrative interwoven with Old Testament reference and allusion, and it’s important to read it carefully.


Day 1: Read Luke 14-16, Psalm 119:1-32.
Day 2: Read Luke 17-18, Psalm 119:33-64.
Day 3: Read Luke 19-20, Psalm 119:65-96.
Watch The Crucifixion of Jesus.
Day 4: Read Luke 21-22, Psalm 119:97-128.
Day 5: Read Luke 23-24, Psalm 119:129-152.
Watch The Resurrection of Jesus.
Day 6: Read Acts 1-2, Psalm 119:153-176. Watch Acts 1-12.
Day 7: Read Acts 3-4, Psalm 120. Watch Holy Spirit.
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