Bible Project Reading: Week 39

Bible Project Reading: Week 39

Whoops! sorry this is a day late!

Here are the readings for this week, with day one beginning with yesterday, September 24. Along with a few words from the Bible Project crew…

Day 1: Read Luke 1Psalm 112. Watch Luke 1-9.
Day 2: Read Luke 2-3Psalm 113. Watch The Birth of Jesus.
Day 3: Read Luke 4-5Psalm 114. Watch The Baptism of Jesus.
Day 4: Read Luke 6-7Psalm 115.
Day 5: Read Luke 8-9Psalm 116. Watch The Prodigal Son.
Day 6: Read Luke 10-11Psalm 117. Watch Luke 10-24.
Day 7: Read Luke 12-13Psalm 118.
This week you dive into the final Gospel, Luke.
Hey reading community,

How was your reading of the Gospel of John? John is the most unique of the four Gospel accounts as well as the last one written. To help you prepare to dive into Luke, read the guest essay by Mark L. Strauss linked in the P.S. section below. Mark is a scholar and professor at Bethel Seminary San Diego and author of Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels. He has pitched in to help us prepare to study the Gospel of Luke. 

This week we begin the first half of Luke-Acts, a cohesive work written by one author. Luke is an expert explainer, and he packs a lot of story and meaning into few words. The book opens with significant backstory (Luke 1-2) that helps bring the rest of the book into focus. Take your time in this familiar section of the story. Every word and paragraph has been carefully selected by the author to show you how the story of Jesus is not just ancient history but the fulfillment of the long covenant story of God, Israel, and the whole world. 

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