Bible Project Reading: Week 38

Bible Project Reading: Week 38

Happy Friday, here are the readings for this next week, with day one starting with today, September 17.

Hey reading community,

This week you will read through the Gospel according to John, the “beloved” disciple. Like the other Gospel authors, John wrote this account so we might understand that Jesus was the Messiah the people had been waiting for. He knew that we all might have a radically new life by believing in Jesus.

Even though we’re moving through these books quickly, we hope you take time to appreciate the profoundness of what these authors are trying to show us. Mark L. Strauss is a scholar and professor at Bethel Seminary San Diego and author of Four Portraits, One Jesus. We invited him to help us reflect on the Gospel of Luke by offering another guest essay. We hope it helps you see the story of Jesus through John’s unique angle.


P.S. Dig deeper in this week’s guest blog post by Mark L. Strauss, John: The Gospel of the Eternal Son Who Reveals the Father.

Day 1: Read John 5-6, Psalm 105.
Day 2: Read John 7-8, Psalm 106.
Day 3: Read John 9-10, Psalm 107.
Day 4: Read John 11-12, Psalm 108.
Day 5: Read John 13-15, Psalm 109. Watch John 13-21.
Day 6: Read John 16-18, Psalm 110.
Day 7: Read John 19-21, Psalm 111.
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