Bible Project Reading: Week 37

Bible Project Reading: Week 37

Good morning, here are the readings for this next week, with day one starting with today, September 10.

Day 1: Read Mark 7-8Psalm 98.
Day 2: Read Mark 9-10Psalm 99.
Day 3: Read Mark 11-12Psalm 100.
Day 4: Read Mark 13-14Psalm 101.
Day 5: Read Mark 15-16Psalm 102.Watch Mark.
Day 6: Read John 1-2Psalm 103. Watch John 1-12.
Day 7: Read John 3-4Psalm 104. Watch Water of Life.
This week we finish Mark and start the Gospel of John!
Hey reading community,

You are now getting into the book of Mark. While this is the shortest of the Gospel accounts, it is by no means the least. Mark has gone to great effort to show the reader who Jesus is: Israel’s Messiah and the Son of God (Mark 1:1). The first half of Mark shows Jesus’ power through miracles, the casting out of demons, and his influential teaching. Even so, people were confused about who Jesus was, including his disciples. 

The second half of Mark shows how Jesus becomes the Messiah, and it forces you to make a decision about who Jesus is. This week, Mark L. Strauss, seminary professor and author of Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels, will help us wrap up the Gospel of Mark with his second guest essay.

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