Bible Reading Project: Week 36

Bible Reading Project: Week 36

Here is the reading for this upcoming week along with a few thoughts from the Bible Reading Project crew. Day 1 begins today, September 3. Stay safe and see you tomorrow for the parking lot sale!

Day 1: Read Matthew 21-22Psalm 91
Day 2: Read Matthew 23-24Psalm 92.
Day 3: Read Matthew 25-26Psalm 93.
Day 4: Read Matthew 27-28Psalm 94. Watch Witness.
Day 5: Read Mark 1-2Psalm 95. Watch Mark.
Day 6: Read Mark 3-4, Psalm 96. Watch Gospel
Day 7: Read Mark 5-6Psalm 97.

This week we finish Matthew and start the Gospel of Mark!
Hey reading community,

We hope studying this Gospel account has been a rewarding experience. Jesus is the answer to all of the questions that have been raised in Scripture so far, and you are seeing his words and actions come alive in the book of Matthew. That said, there is a lot going on, so if you feel like you could use some help in understanding this amazing book, we’ve got just the thing. One of our favorite experts on the Gospel has been kind enough to write a series of guest essays on our blog. 

Mark L. Strauss, scholar and professor at Bethel Seminary San Diego and author of Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels, is going to walk us through the Gospel accounts, starting with Matthew. We highly encourage you to read the blog posts before diving into your reading this week.

The concluding chapters of Matthew are an intense read as the conflict between Jesus and the religious and governmental establishments in Jerusalem comes to a head. You will also start the book of Mark this week, which is the shortest—and likely the first written—of the Gospel accounts.

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