Bible Project Reading: Week 35

Bible Project Reading: Week 35

We did it! We finished the Old Testament Readings … What was your favorite story or part of the Old Testament?! Last night a few of us met on Zoom to wrap up the OT readings and some of the favorites were, Moses and burning bush, Elijah and the priests of Baal, Baalam’s talking donkey, Esther and the book of Malachi to name just a few.

Are you still reading along? As we enter into the New Testament readings, now is a great time to either start back up or maybe even start up reading along!

Here are the readings for this week, with day one for today, August 27, 2021 along with a few words from the Bible Project folks. Happy Reading!

Day 1: Read Matthew 7-8Psalm 84. Watch Son of Man

Day 2: Read Matthew 9-10Psalm 85. Watch God

Day 3: Read Matthew 11-12Psalm 86.

Day 4: Read Matthew 13-14Psalm 87.
Watch How to Read the Bible: Parables of Jesus.

Day 5: Read Matthew 15-16Psalm 88. Watch Matthew 14-28

Day 6: Read Matthew 17-18Psalm 89

Day 7: Read Matthew 19-20Psalm 90. 

Hey reading community,

This week you’ll start by concluding the sermon on the mount—one of the most famous speeches in human history, whether you are a follower of Jesus or not. For the apostles, this sermon was key in announcing the coming of God’s Kingdom. This is the good news that God has come to rescue his world from spiritual evil, establish his throne, and invite all of humanity to be a part of his family. 

The Gospel is all about this good news, and the Gospel is the topic of this week’s blog post. We encourage you to give it a read before you get too far into these stories about Jesus. As you dive into the rest of the book, you’ll see Matthew focuses on stories that show what it means to live in this new Kingdom and how people respond to this good news about Jesus.

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