Bible Project Reading: Week 34

Bible Project Reading: Week 34

Here are a few words from the Bible Project crew, and readings for this next week with Day 1 for today, August 20.

Let’s wrap up the Old Testament and get ready to dive into the New Testament!

Happy reading everyone!

This week we finish the Old Testament and start the Gospel of Matthew!
Hey reading community,

We did it! This week we will close the Old Testament and begin studying the Gospel accounts. However, we can’t forget everything we just read. Jesus was the answer to the central conflict of the Old Testament storyline and the fulfillment of the promises of the Hebrew Scriptures. Jesus started a Jewish messianic movement, and even though he may have brought new meaning to this well-known storyline, he and his followers were shaped by the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Gospel accounts retell the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection from four distinct perspectives. Each one highlights different themes and reveals how the God of Israel came to live with his people in the person of Jesus. We begin with Matthew, which is an appropriate book on the heels of Chronicles because it opens with Jesus’ genealogy. This is the key to connecting Jesus to the Hebrew Scriptures.


Day 1: Read 2 Chronicles 25-27Psalm 77.
Day 2: Read 2 Chronicles 28-31, Psalm 78.
Day 3: Read 2 Chronicles 32-34Psalm 79. ​​​​​
Day 4: Read 2 Chronicles 35-36Psalm 80Watch The Messiah
Day 5: Read Matthew 1-2, Psalm 81. Watch HTRTB: The Gospel.
Day 6: Read Matthew 3-4Psalm 82. Watch Matthew 1-13
Day 7: Read Matthew 5-6, Psalm 83. Watch HTRTB: Setting
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