Bible Project Reading: Week 33!

Bible Project Reading: Week 33!

Here is the intro and reading plan for Week 33, with day one being today, Friday, August 13:

Hey reading community,

One more week of Chronicles, and then you start the Gospel! You may be tempted to relax from the reading this week, but keep in mind that this was the last book written before Jesus started his ministry. This likely made Chronicles a big deal to Jesus; it certainly was for his disciples (just read Matthew 1). So Chronicles should hold an important place for us as well.


P.S. Dive deeper into Chronicles in this week’s blog post, The Sense of an Ending: What is the Real Last Book of the Old Testament?

Day 1: Read 1 Chronicles 25-29, Psalm 70.
Day 2: Read 2 Chronicles 1-4, Psalm 71.
Day 3: Read 2 Chronicles 5-8, Psalm 72. Watch Temple.
Day 4: Read 2 Chronicles 9-12, Psalm 73.
Day 5: Read 2 Chronicles 13-17, Psalm 74.
Day 6: Read 2 Chronicles 18-20, Psalm 75.
Day 7: Read 2 Chronicles 21-24, Psalm 76.
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