Bible Project Reading: Week 31!

Bible Project Reading: Week 31!

Here is the intro and reading plan for Week 31, with day one being today, Friday, July 30:

This week we finish Daniel, Haggai, and Zechariah!
Hey reading community,

This week you will read the incredible book of Daniel—a book Jesus referenced throughout his ministry. This is a complex book with multiple sections and languages, but it is ultimately one that judges corrupt nations and provides hope to the oppressed. God promises Daniel that he will confront evil and rescue his people from Babylon, whether it’s from the literal Babylon of Daniel’s day or the modern equivalent we may find ourselves in today.

We know the Israelites were eventually allowed to repopulate and rebuild the Jerusalem temple (Ezra-Nehemiah). However, the work of the prophets did not conclude when the Israelites returned from exile. This week you’ll also dive into two books, Haggai and Zechariah, about prophets who spoke to the recently returned Israelites in Jerusalem.


P.S. Want to dive deeper? Start with our weekly blog post, The Land: A Thermometer of Covenantal Faithfulness.

Day 1: Read Daniel 4-6, Psalm 56. Watch: The Way of Exile.
Day 2: Read Daniel 7-9, Psalm 57.
Day 3: Read Daniel 10-12, Psalm 58.
Day 4: Read Haggai 1-2, Psalm 59. Watch: Haggai.
Day 5: Read Zechariah 1-4, Psalm 60. Watch: Zechariah.
Day 6: Read Zechariah 5-8, Psalm 61.
Day 7: Read Zechariah 9-14, Psalm 62. Watch: Day of the Lord.
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