Bible Project Reading: Week 30!

Bible Project Reading: Week 30!

Here is the intro and reading plan for Week 30, with day one being today, Friday, July 23:

Hey reading community,

This week you’ll finish two more historical books from the Hebrew Scriptures, Nehemiah and Esther. Nehemiah recounts the return of the exiled Israelites from Babylon to Jerusalem. However, despite Ezra and Nehemiah’s attempts to reform the Israelite people, the people had a heart condition that did not improve despite the exile.

The book of Esther explores God’s providence at work in the lives of the Jewish people still living in Babylon after the exile. The most curious thing about this book is that God is never mentioned. This week’s blog post explores exactly that.


P.S. Why isn’t God mentioned in Esther? We’ll take a look at this question in this week’s blog post, Esther: Secular or Sacred?

Day 1: Read Nehemiah 4-6, Psalm 49.
Day 2: Read Nehemiah 7-9, Psalm 50.
Day 3: Read Nehemiah 10-11, Psalm 51.
Day 4: Read Nehemiah 12-13, Psalm 52.
Day 5: Read Esther 1-5, Psalm 53. Watch Esther.
Day 6: Read Esther 6-10, Psalm 54.​​​
Day 7: Read Daniel 1-3, Psalm 55. Watch Daniel.
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