Bible Project Reading: Week 29!

Bible Project Reading: Week 29!

Here is the intro and reading plan for Week 29, with day one being today, Friday, July 16:


This week we finish Ezekiel and start Ezra-Nehemiah!
Hey reading community,

We hope reading Ezekiel has been a powerful and insightful experience. This week you will wrap up the book, and finish with the final temple vision. In chapters 40-48, Ezekiel has a vision of a garden temple that brings new life to all of creation, consistent with other themes Ezekiel began in earlier chapters. This leaves us on a high note just in time for the long awaited return from exile.

The book of Ezra-Nehemiah was originally one scroll and intended to be told as a unified story. It tells of the first wave of Israelites to return to Jerusalem by focusing on three key leaders. However, this is also one of the most overlooked books in the Old Testament and is often misunderstood. Read this week’s blog post to hear more about these common misconceptions.


P.S. If you want to explore deeper, start with our weekly blog post, Overlooked: Ezra-Nehemiah.

Day 1: Read Ezekiel 37-39, Psalm 42.
Day 2: Read Ezekiel 40-44, Psalm 43.
Day 3: Read Ezekiel 45-48, Psalm 44.
Day 4: Read Ezra 1-3, Psalm 45. Watch Ezra-Nehemiah.
Day 5: Read Ezra 4-7, Psalm 46.
Day 6: Read Ezra 8-10, Psalm 47.
Day 7: Read Nehemiah 1-3, Psalm 48.
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