Bible Project Reading: Week 28!

Bible Project Reading: Week 28!

Here is the intro and reading plan for week 28, with Friday, July 9 being day 1:

(whoops! sorry about the misprint for reading … we are well past Exodus and now into Ezekiel!)

This week we dive into Ezekiel 16-36!
Hey reading community,

The distinguishing feature that separates the major prophets from the minor prophets has nothing to do with their messages. It refers to the length of the works. As you’ve probably noticed, the book of Ezekiel is a major prophet, and it’s long! However, there are themes established within Ezekiel that Jesus picks up hundreds of years later, so it is well worth the time it takes to read this book.

Ezekiel continues his message of judgment against Israel (Ezekiel 12-24) and then moves on to the nations (Ezekiel 25-32). Ezekiel’s fateful prophecy finally comes true with the destruction of Jerusalem in chapter 33. But in chapter 34, he turns a corner and comes back to the message of hope he subtly introduced in chapter 11, which is what this week’s blog post is all about.


Day 1: Read Ezekiel 16-18, Psalm 35.
Day 2: Read Ezekiel 19-21, Psalm 36.
Day 3: Read Ezekiel 22-24, Psalm 37.
Day 4: Read Ezekiel 25-27, Psalm 38.
Day 5: Read Ezekiel 28-30, Psalm 39.
Day 6: Read Ezekiel 31-33, Psalm 40.
Day 7: Read Ezekiel 34-36, Psalm 41. Watch Ezekiel 34-48.
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