Waiting. Waiting is something we are told we have to do often, and yet it is something we least enjoy. We wait in lines, we wait for test results, we wait to see friends and family, we wait for the phone to ring, the check to come, the next  latest and greatest thing to come out so we can run out and purchase it. We wait for the baby to be born. Waiting. Waiting stinks.  I remember staring at the presents under the tree every year and wondering and guessing what was in each gift, and then begging to open ‘just one’ that night.

When we don’t wait, like everyone at the stores on the day after Thanksgiving, it stirs up chaos around us. When we do wait, it often creates chaos within our very being.

I recall sitting in a surgery waiting room surrounded by families waiting to hear news of their loved one and how surgery went. Everyone was sitting quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) either reading, watching the television in the room, on their phones, or sitting, hands wringing and tissues nearby. Some would get up and walk around, some would leave to go eat to hopefully pass the time quicker, but all waited, holding their breath until the doctor came out. When we wait, we build up the stress, the anticipation, the questions, the what if’s, we talk it through and what it means, we wonder and hold our breath until we are either done waiting or there seems to be a pause in our waiting. And then when the doctor comes out, a breath is exhaled and the news (good or otherwise) is absorbed and lives either change or go back to normal.

Advent is a season of waiting. It is a season of preparing, anticipating and waiting to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ. We wait in hope, peace, joy and love.  As we journey through this Advent season in wait, may we journey through the  waiting together. It is true that waiting is hard, however, throughout the waiting, we have an opportunity to receive reminders of the hope and the promises that the waiting brings. And like after a newborn is placed in your arms and you see the gift of life, you let your breath out…and smile and allow yourself to absorb the hope and promises of life fulfilled.

Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” In your waiting during this Advent season, may you be mindful of God’s promises and know that you don’t wait alone. Share the promises God gives this season with the ones around you who are waiting. Remember to keep breathing, and on Christmas morning I hope you are able to exhale and breathe in new life and live into the gifts given.

Peace, Advent and Christmas blessings to you,

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