Bible Project Reading: Week 26!

Bible Project Reading: Week 26!

Hi folks, here is the reading plan and intro for the coming week, with day one being today, Friday, June 25!


This week we finish Jeremiah!
Hey reading community,

The book of Jeremiah can feel long and dark, so we applaud you for sticking it out. The first half of this book focuses on Israel’s covenant unfaithfulness, including their worship of other gods, widespread social injustice, and even participation in child sacrifice. This culminates in chapter 25 with Jeremiah’s indictment against Israel and the surrounding nations. He announces the coming exile where the Israelites will remain for 70 years. If you finished the readings last week, you know that Israel’s leaders rejected this message and things are going downhill fast.

However, chapters 30-33 offer a very important intermission from the message of judgment. The strategic placement of these encouraging words alludes to the importance of this section. As you move through the rest of the book, exploring the siege and destruction of Israel, the message of hope should be echoing in the back of your mind. We encourage you to read this week’s blog  post on these key chapters in Jeremiah.


P.S. Want to dive deeper? Start with our weekly blog post, Jeremiah and Transformed Hearts.

Day 1: Read Jeremiah 30-32, Psalm 21
Day 2: Read Jeremiah 33-36, Psalm 22
Day 3: Read Jeremiah 37-39, Psalm 23
Day 4: Read Jeremiah 40-44, Psalm 24
Day 5: Read Jeremiah 45-48, Psalm 25
Day 6: Read Jeremiah 49-50, Psalm 26
Day 7: Read Jeremiah 51-52, Psalm 27
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