Bible Project Reading: Week 25!

Bible Project Reading: Week 25!

Here are the readings for this next week, with Day One for today, June 18! Here’s some additional thoughts from the Bible Project group.


Pastor Kendra

Hey reading community,

By now we are all hopefully a little wiser having gone through the Hebrew wisdom literature. If only the nation of Israel had adopted some of this wisdom, perhaps they could have avoided exile! 

This week we are introduced to the first half of the prophet Jeremiah’s work. He was alive to witness the exile and was appointed by God as a prophet to Israel and the nations. Like many prophets, he had a message of both judgment and hope. He informed the Israelites that God would punish them for their idolatry and neglect of the most vulnerable in society, but they refused to listen (Jeremiah 1-24). Your reading this week will culminate in Jeremiah’s confrontation of Israel, his message of judgment (Jeremiah 25), and his critique of Israel’s leadership (Jeremiah 26-29).

Next week you will begin reading about the siege and destruction of Jerusalem and the temple from the eyewitness account of Jeremiah. These are some of the most sorrowful writings you will read in the Old Testament. 


Day 1: Read Jeremiah 4-6Psalm 14.
Day 2: Read Jeremiah 7-9Psalm 15.
Day 3: Read Jeremiah 10-13Psalm 16.
Day 4: Read Jeremiah 14-17Psalm 17.
Day 5: Read Jeremiah 18-22Psalm 18.
Day 6: Read Jeremiah 23-25Psalm 19.
Day 7: Read Jeremiah 26-29Psalm 20.
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