Bible Project Reading: Week 24!!

Bible Project Reading: Week 24!!

How are we into week 24 already!? You are doing a fantastic job with your readings. Don’t worry if you fell behind, keep reading at your pace. The key is that we remain engaged in God’s Word and the story of God and God’s people. Here’s a few words and this weeks readings with Day one beginning today, June 11. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Hey reading community,

This week you’ll become familiar with two new books of wisdom literature, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. These books are focused on two very different areas of our lives but are intended to leave you with a newfound understanding of human experience and the world around us.

Ecclesiastes will introduce you to a critic who will try to turn your world upside-down. You thought you’d get ahead by following the wisdom of Proverbs? Think again because it doesn’t always work that way. While Ecclesiastes is an intensely wise book, it can leave you feeling a little low. Luckily, it’s followed up by Song of Songs, a collection of ancient Hebrew love poetry that celebrates the beauty and power of God’s gift of love and sexual desire.

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