Bible Project Reading: Week 23!

Bible Project Reading: Week 23!

Happy Friday everyone! How’s the reading going?! We have wandered into the book of Proverbs now! Here’s a few words from the Bible Project folks. Also! you might notice that we have wrapped up the Psalms, and are starting through them again…I have found each time I read through the Psalms … there is always something new to discover, so keep reading, you’re doing great!

stay safe, and stay cool these next few days.


~Pastor Kendra

Hey reading community,

You’re already into the book of Proverbs at this point, but have you noticed that the classic, short proverbs don’t start until chapter 10? Why does this book start with nine chapters of long speeches? This is all by design, as these speeches introduce you to the book as a whole and the best way to read it. We highly encourage you to read this week’s blog post and watch both videos on Proverbs to help you grasp what is going on in this timeless book. The proverbs themselves are only half the story!

The collections of proverbs in chapters 10-29 are not intended to be read just once. They’re designed for a lifetime of repeated readings and reflection. These short sayings cover a range of human experiences at different stages of life, and they’re designed to guide you towards a virtuous life. It’s important to keep coming back to Proverbs in all seasons of your life, whether you’re a child or parent, husband or wife, boss or employee. Proverbs is for all people, helping you to see God’s wisdom and learn how to properly interact with God’s created world.


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