Bible Project Reading: Week 22!

Bible Project Reading: Week 22!

Here are the readings for this next week, with Day 1 beginning with today, May 28.

Here are a few thoughts from the Bible Project folks:

You’re almost through the book of Job, a formidable literary masterpiece. Ancient Hebrew poetry, especially on challenging topics like the ones covered in Job, is not easy to consume or digest. If you’re feeling a little lost, hang in there. God is about to speak up again, and he’ll provide an answer to this ongoing debate between Job and his friends. It’s important to remember the three questions on the line as you move into the final section of the book.

Is God just? Does God run the universe on the strict principle of justice? How is Job’s suffering to be explained?

The problem is that not all of these can be true at the same time, so how will God answer? It might surprise you.

Day 1: Read Job 32-34Psalm 143
Day 2: Read Job 35-37Psalm 144.
Day 3: Read Job 38-39Psalm 145
Day 4: Read Job 40-42Psalm 146. Watch Job.
Day 5: Read Psalms 1-2Psalm 147.
Day 6: Read Proverbs 1-3Psalm 148. Watch The Book of Solomon.
Day 7: Read Proverbs 4-6Psalm 149. Watch Proverbs.

Happy reading!

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