Bible Project Reading: Week 21

Bible Project Reading: Week 21

Happy Friday readers! We are now into Job! Here are the readings for the next week, with Day One for today, Friday, May 21. Did you know that the story of Job is a favorite story of one of the Consistory members that I will be preaching on in a few weeks! So the timing for us to read this story is perfect! Keep on reading! Below is the reflection from the Bible Project Reading Group folks.

Oh! and know that you are all welcome to join us on Zoom on next Thursday at 7pm for our monthly Bible Project Reading Zoom Group. Below are

grace and peace,

Pastor Kendra

This week we dive into Job 4-31!
Hey reading community,

You’ve made it through the pre-exilic prophets! These men called out Israel’s covenant unfaithfulness while also providing much needed hope in the future messianic King who would save all nations from injustice. If you kept reading through the Bible chronologically, you would find books like Esther, Daniel, and Ezra-Nehemiah, which explore Israel’s time in captivity and their return from exile.

However, we want to let you digest all that’s happened, so we’re starting the wisdom literature, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. Biblical wisdom literature can be incredibly intricate and profound, and our reading for this week is no exception. The book of Job explores the difficult question of God’s relationship to human suffering.

It’s a beautiful work of ancient literary genius, but it’s easy to get confused about its true meaning because of some of the imagery it uses. So we encourage you to read this week’s blog post to set yourself up for success!


Day 1: Read Job 4-7Psalm 136
Day 2: Read Job 8-11Psalm 137.
Day 3: Read Job 12-15Psalm 138.
Day 4: Read Job 16-19Psalm 139.
Day 5: Read Job 20-23Psalm 140.
Day 6: Read Job 24-28Psalm 141.
Day 7: Read Job 29-31Psalm 142.

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