Bible Project Reading: Week 20

Bible Project Reading: Week 20

Good morning Readers! We are making our way through the prophets! I know sometimes the prophets are challenging to read and grasp, but keep reading! I love the prophets, not only because they are often seen as God’s mouthpiece as they speak God’s words into the community, reminding them of their covenant relationship with the Lord, but also. because of their courage and willingness to speak truth to power and ability to speak hope to the people. We have much we can learn if only we pause to listen to what is being said.

Here is a brief reflection from the Bible Project folks and the readings for the upcoming week with Day one beginning today May 14.

Enjoy your Friday!

peace, Pastor Kendra

This week we dive into Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah!
Hey reading community,

We hope you enjoyed last week’s reading. The more you read these prophetic books, the more you’ll grow to appreciate the poetic language used by the prophets as they describe Israel’s covenant failure and God’s faithfulness. We should remember that even though these books were written to an ancient Jewish audience, they are for all generations of God’s covenant people.

This week you’ll explore the rest of the minor prophets in Israel’s pre exilic history, a collection of some pretty unique books. The book of Jonah is a prophetic work, but it doesn’t contain words of warning addressed to Israel. Rather, it’s a story about the prophet Jonah himself. The book of Habakkuk tells a story about a prophet’s struggle with the lingering evil he sees all around him. These are the same struggles modern readers still experience, and these books have amazing wisdom to offer.


Day 1: Read JonahPsalm 129. Watch Jonah.
Day 2: Read Micah 1-4Psalm 130. Watch Micah
.Day 3: Read Micah 5-7Psalm 131.
Day 4: Read NahumPsalm 132. Watch Nahum.
Day 5: Read HabakkukPsalm 133. Watch Habakkuk.
Day 6: Read ZephaniahPsalm 134. Watch Zephaniah.
Day 7: Read Job 1-3Psalm 135. Watch Job.
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