Bible Project Reading: Week 19

Bible Project Reading: Week 19

Whoops, my apologies readers for being a day late with this reading! Here is a short reflection from the Bible Project folks along with the readings for the next week, with Day One starting yesterday on Friday, May 7. Happy reading and praying you have a blessed and beautiful week!

This week we dive into Hosea, Joel, Amos, and Obadiah!
Hey reading community,
Congratulations! You finished reading the book of Isaiah, one of the major prophetic books. Coming up next are more prophetic books, commonly referred to as the minor prophets, or in the Hebrew tradition, the Scroll of the Twelve (Hosea-Malachi). The word “minor” refers only to the shorter length of these books.

The words from these ancient prophets have been collected and stitched together into one unified work with twelve chapters, so to speak. Each of these prophets appeared at different moments in Israel’s history, but their works were later brought together into the Scroll of the Twelve, which was set alongside the longer prophetic scrolls of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

This week you will read the first four of the twelve minor prophets, two of which we have decided to explore more in this week’s blog post.


Day 1: Read Hosea 1-5Psalm 122. Watch Hosea.
Day 2: Read Hosea 6-10Psalm 123.
 Day 3: Read Hosea 11-14Psalm 124
Day 4: Read JoelPsalm 125. Watch Joel.
Day 5: Read Amos 1-5Psalm 126. Watch Amos.
Day 6: Read Amos 6-9Psalm 127
Day 7: Read ObadiahPsalm 128. Watch Obadiah.
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