Bible Project Reading: Week 17

Bible Project Reading: Week 17

Happy Friday readers! (Sorry this is coming later than normal, time got away from me today)

Here is the readings for week 17 with day one beginning today, April 23. HEre’s also a few words from the Bible Project folks:

This week we dive into Isaiah 18-44!
Hey reading community,

Last week was a big week in the reading plan. The watershed moment for the Hebrew people came to pass as Jerusalem was destroyed and hauled off into exile at the end of 2 Kings. However, the biblical story doesn’t end there.

You also read Isaiah 1-17, which exposed you to prophetic literature expressed mostly through poetry. Isaiah 1-12 tells about the judgment that was brought against Israel 150 years earlier by their northern neighbor, Assyria. It provides us with hope in a holy seed that might grow from the remnants of the nation and its leader. Chapters 13-17 are a poetic reflection on God’s justice and indictment against not just Assyria, but also against Babylon and all of Israel’s corrupt neighbors. The whole region was in rebellion against God.

This week chapters 18-24 will continue this poetic reflection, while the rest of the week’s readings will turn attention back to Jerusalem and its downfall.

Day 1: Read Isaiah 18-22Psalm 113. Watch Divine Council.
Day 2: Read Isaiah 23-27Psalm 114. Watch Angels and Cherubim.
Day 3: Read Isaiah 28-30Psalm 115. Watch Angel of the Lord.
Day 4: Read Isaiah 31-35Psalm 116Watch The Satan and Demons.
Day 5: Read Isaiah 36-38Psalm 117. Watch The New Humanity.
Day 6: Read Isaiah 39-41Psalm 118. Watch Isaiah 1-39.
Day 7: Read Isaiah 42-44Psalm 119: 1-32
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