Bible Project Reading: Week 16

Bible Project Reading: Week 16

Hey hey readers! How is it that we are heading into Isaiah already!? Isaiah is one of my favorite prophets! Here are a few words from the Bible Project folks along with the readings for the next week with day one beginning today, April 16.

Blessings and peace on your day, Pastor Kendra

This week we finish up Kings and dive into Isaiah!

Hey reading community,

As you finish up 1 and 2 Kings, we hope the important role of Israel’s prophets has started to make sense to you. They warned that Israel was on the precipice of major judgment from Yahweh and that an enemy nation was coming to take out the northern Israelite tribes. And they were right.

As you read the final chapters of 2 Kings, you’ll discover that Jerusalem suffered a similar fate when the Babylonians took over, and then the book ends. This was a watershed moment in Israel’s history and in the story of the Bible. Israel’s existence as a national kingdom with rulers, land, and a temple was destroyed. The Hebrew Scriptures began to take their modern shape in the wake of these events.

Even though this event comes in the middle of the biblical drama, its ripple effect reaches throughout all of Scripture. The exile to Babylon was one of the most formative events in biblical history. Our reading plan will now continue in the ancient Jewish ordering of Scripture, which places the book of Isaiah after 1 and 2 Kings. Only the prophetic hope of Isaiah could turn this tragic story back into one of hope.


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