Bible Project Reading: Week 15

Bible Project Reading: Week 15

Here are the readings for this next week, with Day One beginning with today, April 9.

Here is a recap and thoughts from the Bible Project folks:

This week we finish 1 Kings and start 2 Kings!

Hey reading community,

If this is your first time in 1 and 2 Kings, it may have been surprising to read about Solomon’s role in the eventual split of the Israelite tribal kingdoms. This rift between southern Judah and northern Israel (sometimes referred to as Samaria) can help you understand why Jesus’ parable about the good Samaritan was so provocative. From this moment in Israel’s history, Samaritans would continue to grow into the archenemies of the Judeans living around Jerusalem.

As you read through this section of Kings, don’t forget this is a prophetic view of history, not a linear historical account. It’s an interpretation of Israel’s history by the prophets, which is why it focuses so much on the wayward kings and the prophets God sent to help Israel return to faithfulness. In fact, this week’s blog post further explores the interplay between the kings and prophets.


Day 1: Read 1 Kings 17-19Psalm 99
Day 2: Read 1 Kings 20-22Psalm 100
Day 3: Read 2 Kings 1-3Psalm 101
Day 4: Read 2 Kings 4-7Psalm 102
Day 5: Read 2 Kings 8-11Psalm 103
Day 6: Read 2 Kings 12-14Psalm 104
Day 7: Read 2 Kings 15-17Psalm 105

happy reading!

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