Resuming In-Person Worship on April 11!

Resuming In-Person Worship on April 11!

After nearly a year of worshipping remotely (with a break in the fall for about 10 weeks) we are returning to in-person worship beginning this Sunday, April 11!

Don’t worry, we are continuing Zoom and sharing the service on our website each week. Here is a overview and reminder of what you can expect upon returning to in-person worship, joining from home on Zoom and finding the worship service on the website:

In-Person Worship:

We know that many of your are ready and looking forward to returning to in-person worship! We are looking forward to having you back in person as well! Here are a few things as to what you can expect and keep in mind as we prepare for Sunday:

Expect to wear a mask. This will be a requirement upon entering the building and throughout the entire worship service. Yes, even if you are vaccinated, we will be requiring masks.

  • A consistory member will greet you outside the building to welcome and direct you.
  • A sign will be outside to welcome you and remind you to wear your mask and maintain the six-foot physical distancing rule
  • Doors to both the Sanctuary and ramp for Elevator use will be propped open to eliminate the need for points of contact.
  • The Elevator will be available for use, one person/family at a time. A Deacon will be available to assist and spray the elevator with disinfectant after each use.
  • You will be asked to sign in at the entrance door.
  • Please, PLEASE honor the six-foot physical distancing rule and refrain from physical contact and greeting. 
  • A side note:
    • we won’t be taking your temperature upon arrival, but we do encourage and ask that you take your temperature, and if you have a fever over 100.4, to please stay home and join us for worship via Zoom.
    • If you have traveled outside the region, to a region that has had a spike in covid19 cases, we ask that you worship from home on Zoom.
    • If you are waiting for Covid-19 test results, please join us for worship from home via Zoom.
    • If you are feeling generally under the weather… for your health and well-being and the health and well-being of your fellow Fair Streeter’s we ask you to please worship on Zoom from the safety of your home.

We’re grateful that you are joining us in-person this morning for worship!

  • Masks: PLEASE keep your mask on the entire time you are here.
  • Hand Sanitizer: There is hand sanitizer in the narthex should you need some. 
  • Singing: While music will be played during the worship service and we will not be singing, you are welcome to hum along to the hymns as they are played. 
  • Passing of the peace: when it comes time for passing of the peace, please remain in your seat and greet one another with a friendly wave or by placing your hands together in front of you to extend your greeting and the peace of Christ with one another.
  • Offering: There is an offering box in the back of the sanctuary, and you are welcome to place your offering in the box on your way into the sanctuary or as you leave.
  • Coffee Hour: As much as we would love to have a time of fellowship over a cup of coffee, we will not be offering coffee hour at this time. 
  • Prayer Requests: there is an offering plate at the back of the Sanctuary, and you are welcome to write your prayer requests on a piece of paper at home and place them in the offering plate as you enter the sanctuary for worship.
  • As you leave the sanctuary, please maintain a safe distance from one another. Also be sure to take this bulletin and any other items in your pew with you. There is a trash can and recycling bin in the narthex.
  • Children and Worship: Early in the service, after the children’s message, Pastor Kendra will invite the children to exit through the back door to meet Ms. Valerie or Ms. Peggy in the narthex to go down to the Parish Room for a story, discussion and prayer time.

Worship via Zoom:

  • Very early on in the pandemic, the Consistory and Safe Church Team felt strong and agreed that we would continue with offering Zoom as we quickly saw the value of offering space for folks to be able to engage in worship – whether in person or from home. Each week as we gather for worship, the Zoom space will be up and running by 9:25am. From 9:30-10am, Pastor Kendra will be present at the computer for a pre-church coffee hour with anyone who is on Zoom (this will allow her to be present and greet the folks who are gathered in person after worship.
  • As in the past, folks worshipping remotely will be muted at the start of the service, and will be invited to participate in the readings and singing while remaining on mute. (At home, you’ll actually be able to sing!)
  • Following worship, you will be invited to unmute to visit with one another.
  • The liturgy page and Zoom link will continue to be shared via email on Mondays and Fridays and on our Worship Page on the website.
  • We realize that there might be some weeks that sound, sight, and internet connection might not cooperate and on those weeks we will welcome your grace and patience as we figure things out. Rest assured, we will do our best to get the service up on the website in a timely manner.
  • Should there be any questions or concerns, please be sure to call the Church Office during the week or reach Pastor Kendra on her cell phone.

Worship on the Website:

  • For the past several months, each worship service has been pre-recorded and edited prior to Sunday morning. With the move back into offering in-person worship, we will no longer be pre-recording the service, but recording the live worship service. This means that there might be editing and work to get up on the website post worship.
  • It is our goal to get the worship service up on the Worship Page by Monday.
  • You will always be able to find the service on the Online Worship Page, and the scrolling down to click on the link for the date of the worship service.

We look forward to seeing you … whether remotely or in-person! Stay safe and be well!

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