The Third Floor of the Education Building

The Third Floor of the Education Building

While we would love to offer in-person tours, we are going to wait a little bit longer for this idea. So in the meantime, here is a video tour of the Third Floor. The video includes some pictures of the before and during work of the rooms … with a video tour of the entire floor in its completion. Enjoy!

A shout out of thanks to: Ann K, Ellen D, Sharon A, Cindy J, Tim, Viktor and Sam K and Painter Jeff for all the work and behind the scenes assistance to make this project possible! To Paul and Anna who cleaned up after us.

A special word of thanks to the Klock Foundation, individuals and the Missions Ministry Fund for funding the work.

On the Third Floor, you will find the Family Room, Youth Room, Kids Room and we currently have three rooms that are available to offer as office space to individuals serving the community.

(Not pictures is one room that is still needing some minor updates, that is currently holding the choir music).

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