Bible Project Reading: Week 14

Bible Project Reading: Week 14

This week has been full of scripture readings. From the Bible Project to Holy Week! I do hope that you’ve been allowing the scriptures to speak this week. What are you reading that speaks to you? What are you hearing for the first time? Appalled by? Comforted by?

Last week a few of us gathered on zoom to keep talking and sharing about what we have discovered and been learning in our readings. We continue to be intrigued (along with some surprise) at the stories that unfold throughout the Old Testament from battles and violence, messy relationships, and more. We’ve even talked about and are still working through what it means that we are seeing God with a difference lens – a God who is frustrated, angry, loving, present, patience and faithful. A God who calls, leads, protects, and guides … sending people into our lives to laugh and cry with, to fight with, to reconcile with, to hold one another accountable and more.

This week we are watching the Passion Narrative played out. Today, Good Friday, we are reminded of the love of God that was played out in Jesus dying on the cross and all the promises of the Old Testament fulfilled, as we see God’s covenantal promise unfold. Take some time today to soak that in and what it means for your life. It reminds me of the words that we say to a baby in their baptism when we remind them that even though they are little and can’t understand it fully ~ what it all means, someday they will, but for now, it’s important to hear and be reminded often that you are loved and you belong. So as you ponder the events of today, this day we call Good…even if you can’t wrap your head around the meaning for your life, hear this: it was for you…because you are loved…and belong.

Here are the readings for this week, with Day One beginning today, April 2. Following the reading list, are some words from the Bible Project reading folks.

In the meantime, whether you read 2 Samuel, or you read the passion story today … remember it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming! Hope and life are coming … hope is on the horizon.

grace and hope and peace be with you today and always,

~Pastor Kendra

This week we come to the end of David’s reign with a heavy heart. In the end, his story doesn’t seem much different from Saul’s. David set into motion a series of events that all but destroyed his family and certainly destroyed him. While he may have found his way back to the throne, he is not the same David we saw at the opening of 2 Samuel.

The epilogue to this book provides several stories that are out of chronological order but are still important (2 Samuel 21-24). David gives a solemn and poetic rumination on the events of 1 and 2 Samuel, which should inspire confidence that God is at work despite arrogant and prideful humans who may interfere with his plan.

Most importantly, it reminds us that God will fulfill his promise to bring a messianic king who will deliver Israel in the ways that King Saul and King David failed to. At the beginning of 1 Kings, you’ll see David one last time as he gives his son Solomon parting advice before passing away. Unfortunately, as we’ll discover after reading the first movement in Kings, that advice only partially sinks in.


Day 1: Read 2 Samuel 19-21Psalm 92
Day 2: Read 2 Samuel 22-24Psalm 93
Day 3: Read 1 Kings 1-3Psalm 94. Watch 1-2 Kings
Day 4: Read 1 Kings 4-7Psalm 95
Day 5: Read 1 Kings 8-10Psalm 96
Day 6: Read 1 Kings 11-13Psalm 97
Day 7: Read 1 Kings 14-16Psalm 98
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