Good Friday

Good Friday

As Jesus hung on the cross, he was still able to speak and sometimes cry out..but the amazing thing is he used his energy to speak in a way that the people around him heard his concern and love for them; speaking words of forgiveness, care, compassion, welcome, expressing his humanity of physical pain and feelings of abandonment. After Jesus died, the world goes dark.

This short, 7 minute recording simply shares the last seven sayings of Christ, as you read, the hope is you might wonder what those sayings mean for you in these days? Wonderings like what is is that you need forgiveness for? who do you need to forgive? Do you need the reminder that Jesus sees you, needing assurance that you belong? What are you thirsty for these days? Where is God in your life?

Remember, when the world goes dark, seems dark and it’s Friday … remember It’s Friday … But Sunday’s Coming!

There is music along with some silence. The music was recorded by both Kathy Burns and Andrea Shaut.

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