Bible Reading Project: Week 12

Bible Reading Project: Week 12

Good morning everyone! Here is the reading plan for this next week! with Day One for today, March 19! Keep up the great work of reading! Next week Thursday is the Zoom reading group if you’d like to join us!

Below is some reflections and thoughts directly from the Bible Project:

Hey reading community,

Last week we witnessed Israel’s slow descent into madness in the book of Judges. Ruth gave us a reprieve and a glimmer of hope for a Messiah who can truly deliver Israel from its enemies and their cycle of sin and self-destruction. This week you’ll move on to 1 and 2 Samuel, which might be more accurately called “1 and 2 David.” This is because the whole purpose of the book is to introduce you to King David, who becomes the first king over all the tribes of Israel.

The story begins with the rise of Samuel, the prophet who will establish Israel’s monarchy and appoint their first king, Saul. Saul’s reign is tragic. Outwardly, Saul looks like everything we should aspire to be, but as we’ll unpack in this week’s blog post, his inner life is a different story. Saul’s story shows us something true about ourselves and gives us the opportunity to choose a different path.

1 Samuel tells of Saul’s slow demise and how it coincides with the rise of David. But first, we’re introduced to the touching and beautiful tale of Hannah. Her story, and especially her song, introduces the key themes that will be explored in greater depth in the story to follow.


Day 1: Read 1 Samuel 1-3Psalm 78. Watch 1 Samuel.
Day 2: Read 1 Samuel 4-8Psalm 79
Day 3: Read 1 Samuel 9-12Psalm 80
Day 4: Read 1 Samuel 13-14Psalm 81.
Day 5: Read 1 Samuel 15-17Psalm 82.
Day 6: Read 1 Samuel 18-20Psalm 83. 
Day 7: Read 1 Samuel 21-24Psalm 84
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