Bible Project Reading: Week 11

Bible Project Reading: Week 11

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the readings! Keep up the great work on reading each day! Once again, like last week, I share with you the thoughts from the Bible Project Reading folks, as they reflect and offer some insight for the readings!

Blessings on your week!

The book of Joshua concludes with two speeches from Joshua that should remind you of Moses’ final words in Deuteronomy. Joshua challenges the people of Israel to shema, that is, to listen to the commands of the Torah in order to receive the blessings promised to them by Yahweh. However, after Joshua dies, things get really bad really quick. The book of Judges is one long story of the Israelite’s failures and how they assimilate to Canaanite culture instead of becoming a kingdom of priests (remember Exodus 19:4-6).

The book of Judges is disturbing, and we hope you’ll take the time to read the blog post this week. It will explore the hope the author is trying to highlight through the telling of these dark stories. Fortunately, this week will conclude with the book of Ruth, which should bring you back from the edge of your seat. It is a beautifully woven story that stands as an amazing testament to God’s redemptive power. It is also the topic of our bonus blog post this week. Check it out here.


P.S. The book of Judges is difficult reading. To help you along, check out this week’s biblical theology blog post, Judges and Messianic Hope.

The following readings ar for the next week, with Day One for today, March 12.

Day 1: Read Judges 4-5Psalm 71.
Day 2: Read Judges 6-8Psalm 72.Watch Plot
Day 3: Read Judges 9-12Psalm 73.
Day 4: Read Judges 13-15Psalm 74.
Day 5: Read Judges 16-18Psalm 75.
Day 6: Read Judges 19-21Psalm 76.
Day 7: Read Ruth 1-4Psalm 77Watch Ruth
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