Bible Reading Project: Week 10

Bible Reading Project: Week 10

Great job everyone on your reading! We are just chapters away from wrapping up Deuteronomy!

The following is written by the folks at the Bible Project that I felt was worthy to share as we continue in our reading!

“We are finally in the promised land as we get ready to close the last chapter of the Torah! This is a big accomplishment, and it’s worth looking back on the beautiful literary foundation that has been laid. It is also important to pause and remember all the times that God was faithful to his covenant promises despite human resistance. We need to take seriously the accounts of God executing his justice upon those who redefine good and evil in ways that hurt others (like Pharaoh and most of the Exodus generation).

This week you will read through the book of Joshua (Moses’ protégé and new leader of Israel), which recounts how the Israelites inherited the land that God promised to Abraham. A word of warning: all the violence in this book might bother you, and when you open the book of Judges later this week, it won’t get any lighter! We really encourage you to read this week’s blog post in order to gain a better perspective on Israel’s ancient holy war.”

The readings for this week are below, with Day One beginning today March 5

Day 1: Read Deuteronomy 32-34Psalm 64.Watch Deuteronomy
Day 2: Read Joshua 1-4Psalm 65.Watch Joshua
Day 3: Read Joshua 5-8,. Psalm 66.Watch Design Patterns
Day 4: Read Joshua 9-12Psalm 67.
Day 5: Read Joshua 13-21Psalm 68.
Day 6: Read Joshua 22-24Psalm 69.
Day 7: Read Judges 1-3Psalm 70. Watch Judges

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