The Makeover Project Continues

The Makeover Project Continues

I’ve been sharing updates that have been coming out of the updates and makeover work being done throughout the Education Building here at church.

I’ve been thinking about this work and all that is being done, and how fitting it is that we’re not in the season of Lent and the work continues to purge, clean out and take inventory of everything we have, does it work, are we using it and so forth.

I’m not entirely sure which is harder …. taking that self inventory and evaluating what we need to keep or let go of in our lives? or inventory of the physical stuff that has built up over time, cluttering the spaces of our homes and buildings? Either way … it takes time and it definitely a process to work through.

This is what we’re in the process of doing right now. Will we keep it, use it, toss it, repurpose it, reuse it or find a new purpose for the various items. The reality is that much of what we’ve been holding on to for so many years, no longer work. And that’s ok, because in working through this process, we are able to open up even more space to allow for new ways in which we will be able to engage in ministry as we move forward.

This is why I’m so excited about this process!

This morning I shared pictures of the treasures office, while didn’t receive major detail work, did receive a fresh coat of paint … and what a difference it makes! Here’s the before and after picture of the Treasure’s Office:

And now, with only one of the rooms on the second floor of the Education Building! … You might recall that on the second floor, we have the Crosby Room, two Children and Worship classrooms, along with the Sunday school office and Children and Worship Storage (along with other storage) and then of course the offices. You’ll have to wait a little longer to see all the rooms when they are finished, but we thought we would show you the one storage room and the transformation that has take place!

Here’s what we did… we emptied this entire room into the Crosby room which is now the holding/sorting space for the time being. Don’t worry, we will be taking some time to sort through and find homes for everything! We are mindful to keep as little as possible from going into the landfill, this means recycling, repurposing, sharing and reusing as much as possible.

Here’s the plan … The storage room and Sunday school Office will be merged into one room … the Christian Education Office. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible…and will just take some creativity and work. Thankfully a few folks from the Christian Ed Ministry Team are up for the task!

Special Thanks to: These projects are being made possible with the help of several folks, but also in part to the Klock Foundation for a grant received, along with individual donations and the missions fund. Thank you!

Why are we excited about this? By merging these two rooms into one, it opens up this entire room, to create space for even more ways to engage in ministry opportunities. This room, is now what is called the Upper Room. A Room that will be available for prayer and smaller meetings. When you might be in need to just get away, sit in some quiet, rest and simply be, … this is the room you’ll want to find! If you need to have a conversation with one or two other people, and the other rooms are filled? This is the space! While this room is only about 80% complete, (another chair is arriving soon, we’re working on repurposing a coffee table, and have wall hangings to add) we couldn’t wait any longer to show you the progress! So with that… I share the Upper Room:

And here are the before/during and after pictures of the Upper Room …

It looks GREAT, doesn’t it!? I’m excited to share more pictures and video as the work continues and upon it’s completion, so stay tuned! and in the meantime, enjoy! (I look forward to the day when you’ll be able to see all this work in person!).

Peace of Christ be with you today and always…

Pastor Kendra

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