Bible Reading Project, Week 8

Bible Reading Project, Week 8

Good morning everyone!

Here is the readings for Week 8, with Day one beginning today, Friday, February 19.

In full disclosure, I fell behind in my readings over the past week, but am now caught up and ready for this new week. I share this to encourage you that if you have fallen behind, don’t quit! Just keep reading at the pace you’re able to. We’ve made it through Leviticus and almost through Numbers!

What was your favorite story in Numbers? How bout that story of Balaam and the donkey!?

Next week, Thursday March 25 we’ll be gathering on Zoom for our second Bible Reading Project Zoom Group! No matter where you are in your reading, I hope you’ll join us! You’ll want to be sure to check the FS Weekly Page for next week with the zoom meeting information.

Day 1: Read Numbers 31-32Psalm 50.
Day 2: Read Numbers 33-34Psalm 51
Day 3: Read Numbers 35-36Psalm 52. Watch Numbers
Day 4: Read Deuteronomy 1-3Psalm 53. Watch Deuteronomy
Day 5: Read Deuteronomy 4-6Psalm 54.Watch Shema/Listen
Day 6: Read Deuteronomy 7-9Psalm 55Watch YHWH/Lord
Day 7: Read Deuteronomy 10-12Psalm 56. Watch Ahavah/Love

Peace of Christ be with you today and always,


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