Bible Reading Project: Week 7

Bible Reading Project: Week 7

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is the readings for this next week, with Day one starting today, February 12.

What have you read over the past week that you wondered about, discovered or learned?

I’m looking forward to checking in later this month with all of you on our Zoom Bible Reading Group which will take place the last Thursday of the month (stay tuned for more details that will be shared next week).

Day 1: Read Numbers 11-13Psalm 43
Day 2: Read Numbers 14-16Psalm 44
Day 3: Read Numbers 17-18Psalm 45.
Day 4: Read Numbers 19-21Psalm 46.
Day 5: Read Numbers 22-24Psalm 47
Day 6: Read Numbers 25-27Psalm 48.
Day 7: Read Numbers 28-30Psalm 49.
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