Bible Project Reading Week 6

Bible Project Reading Week 6

Good morning everyone!

How are you doing making your way through Leviticus? Well… keep reading, we’ve almost made it through – only a few more days!

Here are the readings for this next week, with day one for today, Friday February 5.

Peace of Christ be with you all today and always,


Day 1: Read Leviticus 19-20Psalm 36
Day 2: Read Leviticus 21-23Psalm 37.
Day 3: Read Leviticus 24-25Psalm 38
Day 4: Read Leviticus 26-27Psalm 39. Watch Leviticus
Day 5: Read Numbers 1-4Psalm 40. Watch Numbers
Day 6: Read Numbers 5-7 (skim)Psalm 41.
Day 7: Read Numbers 8-10Psalm 42.
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