Bible Project Reading: Week 5

Bible Project Reading: Week 5

Last night a few of us gathered on Zoom to check in how the Bible Project readings were going. It was a pleasant surprise to see and hear about the various experiences and insights everyone was gathering as we read.

Currently, we are wrapping up Exodus in the readings, and last nights conversations did not disappoint … discussing things such as sorcery, exile, God changing God’s mind, God’s love and promises, the choices people make (or don’t make), our perspective when challenges hit our lives, and family reunions to name a few things.

All in all, it was a life-giving hour to gather on Zoom and laugh, wonder and share in the Bible Project Reading experience. We decided that we are going to gather on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm to check in and bring our questions, observations and wonderings. You are welcome to join us!

In preparing for the upcoming reading, I joked and made a comment (or two) about how oftentimes, when we begin reading through the Bible, we get to Leviticus and stop because it seems tedious and painful to read. When you get there, keep reading! For me, it helps to remember the story of the Good Samaritan … and the encounters Jesus had with keepers of the law…these are the laws they focused on. Jesus however, comes along and says … live God and love your neighbor, these are the most important laws to live into.

So keep reading and write your questions and observations down and make plans to join us at the end of February when we gather on Zoom again to discuss our discoveries!

Here are the readings for the next week, with Day 1 starting with today, January 29.

Day 1: Read Exodus 35-40Psalm 29. Watch The Book of Exodus – Part 2
Day 2: Read Leviticus 1-4Psalm 30. Watch Leviticus
Day 3: Read Leviticus 5-7Psalm 31. Watch Sacrifice & Atonement
Day 4: Read Leviticus 8-10Psalm 32.
Day 5: Read Leviticus 11-13Psalm 33. Watch Law
Day 6: Read Leviticus 14–15Psalm 34. Watch How to Read Biblical Law
Day 7: Read Leviticus 16-18Psalm 35.
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