Reading the Bible – week four!

Reading the Bible – week four!

Good Friday morning everyone!

Here’s the reading plan for the next seven days, day one of week 4 being today January 22.

Upcoming Zoom Gathering! Be sure to check out next weeks Fair Street Weekly for a Bible Project Reading Zoom Gathering next week! I thought it would be interesting to offer space to check in and share how it’s been going as we read these stories. Details will be available on Monday.

Don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind, just keep reading. And if you’re just starting to read, check out the first blog entry sharing the first weeks plan, and then the second one. Even if you’re just joining in, there is beauty in knowing we’re not reading alone!

Be well, stay safe and enjoy your readings.

Day 1: Read Exodus 16-18Psalm 22. Watch The Book of Exodus – Part 1
Day 2: Read Exodus 19-21Psalm 23. Watch Exodus 19-40
Day 3: Read Exodus 22-24Psalm 24. Watch Justice
Day 4: Read Exodus 25-27Psalm 25
Day 5: Read Exodus 28-29Psalm 26.
Day 6: Read Exodus 30-31Psalm 27. Watch Sabbath
Day 7: Read Exodus 32–34Psalm 28. Watch Character of God

praying you find life giving moments throughout your day,



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