Reading through the Bible – week three!

Reading through the Bible – week three!

Hello everyone! I pray you are all doing well, that you are staying safe and finding ways to remain grounded in this new year!

Have you been reading along with this Bible plan? What has been the most surprising story so far? Did you learn something new/different that you never knew or realized before?

I know this won’t surprise many of you but I was surprised to find myself reading the story of Joseph reuniting with his family with tears in my eyes. Such a beautiful, rich and meaningful story.

Vacation has been going well, filled with rest and life giving opportunities. I look forward to seeing you all soon! And I know you’ll be blessed as you hear a rich, meaningful and gift of a sermon from my dear friend Jeff who will be preaching during worship this Sunday!

Here’s the reading plan for the next seven days, day one being today January 15.

(don’t worry if you’ve fallen behind, just keep reading. And if you’re just starting to read, check out the first blog entry sharing the first weeks plan, and then the second one. Even if you’re just joining in, there is beauty in knowing we’re not reading alone!)

Day 1: Read Genesis 46–47Psalm 15.
Day 2: Read Genesis 48–50Psalm 16. Watch The Book of Genesis 12-50
Day 3: Read Exodus 1-3Psalm 17.Watch Exodus 1-18
Day 4: Read Exodus 4-6Psalm 18.Watch Character
Day 5: Read Exodus 7-9Psalm 19.
Day 6: Read Exodus 10-12Psalm 20.
Day 7: Read Exodus 13–15Psalm 21.

stay safe, be well, and may the peace of Christ be with you today and always!


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