Reading the Bible through the year… Week two

Reading the Bible through the year… Week two

If you are joining me in reading through the Bible, here is the readings for week 2 from the Bible Project. I hope you are enjoying the readings.

Day 1/January 8: Read Genesis 25-28Psalm 8. Watch Image of God
Day 2: Read Genesis 29-31Psalm 9. Watch The Book of Genesis Part 2
Day 3: Read Genesis 32-34Psalm 10.
Day 4: Read Genesis 35-37Psalm 11.
Day 5: Read Genesis 38-40Psalm 12.
Day 6: Read Genesis 41-42Psalm 13.
Day 7: Read Genesis 43-45Psalm 14.

Another brief reflection and thought… I’ve spent some time listening and watching some of the footage from the events of this past week, and have found myself lamenting (and even holding anger over) the brokenness of the system and of humanity. I know yesterday I shared a reflection on the events of the week, the intent was not to mask the events with scripture and allow us to sit back and do nothing. As someone who is a processor by nature, I am still working through what to do with all that I have been feeling and witnessing. What I do know is this … what took place this past week is far from ok … we have a lot of work to do and we must be better, we must do better … stay tuned (well, in a week or so) for some additional reflections.

Praying you are well and taking care of yourselves these days,


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