a new year, reading the Bible and an invitation

a new year, reading the Bible and an invitation

Happy and blessed New Year everyone! I trust this greeting will find you all doing well!

When it comes to resolutions, I’m not that big of a fan as they always seem to fall apart after the first couple of weeks. However, this year, I did make a decision to try something different this year (yeah, I know sounds like a resolution) and I’m sharing it with you all here to invite you to join me, but also because I think by sharing it publicly there is a sense of accountability.

What is it? To read through the Bible over the next year! the Bible is filled with so many beautiful, life-giving and challenging stories, and truthfully, there are times when it is really easy to read for study, (as pastors, this is something we have to work really hard at … reading the Bible for our own growth and grounding and reading it for study). This is why this year, I have decided to read through the Bible for the joy of reading the God’s Word, to be grounded and let it speak into my life as I read.

In all honesty, I have not accomplished this in it’s entirety before, (I’ve read the Bible and each book in it, just not from Genesis to Revelation in one year) and have some curiosities about how it will go, but discovered a project that seems to be a good guide in breaking down the readings, and offering additional insights and even videos to help break down what we just read!

So why am I sharing this? Because if you have ever wanted to read through the Bible in a year, or maybe you want to read through it again and know that there are other folks reading along with you … you are invited to join me!

I will be using a reading plan provided by the Bible Project, you can check out the Bible Project on your own, and sign up for your weekly email that will send you the weekly reading plan and even a short video for each day and weekly podcast. OR you can check this blog week and as I plan to share the reading plan for the week.

This is what the first 7 days of January look like, and if you are just joining in, start with day one (if you want, read up to day 4 to catch up, OR just have today be your day one). Regardless of what day you’re reading, I think there is a beauty in knowing that we are reading together!

Day 1: Read Genesis 1–3Psalm 1. Watch Genesis 1–11
Day 2: Read Genesis 4–7Psalm 2. Watch Image of God
Day 3: Read Genesis 8-11Psalm 3. Watch The Book of Genesis Part 1
Day 4: Read Genesis 12-15Psalm 4. Watch Genesis 12–50
Day 5: Read Genesis 16-18Psalm 5. Watch Covenants
Day 6: Read Genesis 19–21Psalm 6. Watch What is the Bible?
Day 7: Read Genesis 22–24Psalm 7. Watch The Story of the Bible

Who wants to join me?! I’d love to hear from you if you are planning on joining me in entering into God’s Story as we read together over the next 365 days! Please know that I will be praying for you as we journey forward together through this year!


Pastor Kendra

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